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Our Story

Established in 1976, Nice Chemicals was started by Technocrats, who were pioneers in dealing with multinational Chemical units.  Currently, Nice Chemicals manufactures close to 1500 products ranging from Laboratory reagents, Analytical reagents, Biochemicals, IP/USP chemicals, H.P.L.C solvents, Indicator powders, solutions, soil/water testing kits etc. as well as a range of Agrochemicals, Laboratory Glassware  and Modular Furniture.

Over the years of Chemical manufacturing, Nice Chemical also acquired its space in the clinical laboratory field through Nice Diagnostics Centre.

Head Office Located at Manimala Road, Edappally, Cochin, Kerala, Nice Chemicals has 5 manufacturing units located at Edappally, Edayar,  Thiruvalloor, Gujarat and Coimbatore. We have flourished in establishing at least half a dozen ancillary units in South India, where qualified technocrats undertake productions under strict guidelines.

How We Work

Chemical Manufacturing is a crucial one to undertake, which requires stringent conditions and regular maintenance to ensure no mishaps are happening. Nice Chemicals owns well-equipped laboratories where an experienced team of chemist’s work. Every product launched by the company is tested and certified using sophisticated instruments like Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, Gas-liquid Chromatograph, ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer etc. At a nominal charge, all the clinical reagents including chemical and pathological tests for the public are also accepted. Nice Chemicals is ISO 9001 Certified by DNV. We also ensure prompt service without compromising on the quality aspects. We strongly believe that a successful business progresses only with consistency. We strive for improving the performance and the quality of work we deliver at a continuous pace.

On-time Delivery

We ensure our service adhere to consistency and timeliness.

Quality Products

Our products are of exceptional quality which is manufactured with greater care.

In-house R&D

We have well experienced R&D department who ensure the quality and consistency of our products with national and international standards.

Why Choose Us?

We possess years of experience in delivering quality products. We strive for higher quality improvements. We have been in the industry for so long, and ensure to deliver quality chemical products, that do not hamper the environment. Our products are in extensively used by various industries worldwide.
Our products range comprises of various Laboratory, Analytical and Clinical reagents, Soil and Water Testing kits, agrochemicals and even laboratory glassware.